Thursday, February 9, 2012


Full Name: Abbey Lee Kershaw
Age: 24, turning 25.
D.O.B: 12th of June
Hometown: Melbourne, Australia
Height: 5ft 11" (1.8 metres)
Hair Colour: Currently Platinum Blonde, naturally Light Ash Brown
Eye Colour: Blue
Measurements: 32 - 24 - 35 (US)
Piercings: 10 in total - nose, belly button, nipple & 7 on her ears.
Tattoos: A peace sign on the palm of her hand, owl on her middle finger, Gemini symbol on her ankle, "truth" written on the inside of her bottom lip & two on the side of her stomach done in white ink.

Abbey Lee is no doubt one of my favourite models. I remember seeing her photo in Girlfriend for the Model Search Competition when she was a teen and since then, she has come so far. She moved from Melbourne to Sydney to begin modelling and was found by Chic Management's Kathy Ward -- who also discovered Australian models Miranda Kerr and Samantha Harris whilst at the beach. Since then, Abbey Lee has worked for many great designers and brands including D&G, Gucci, CK Jeans, Rag & Bone, Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Marc Jacobs, DKNY, Givenchy and many more!

- tashbianca x

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  1. she looks younger.
    But has a pretty face :)
    Thank you a lot for your message @ IFB :)