Saturday, January 28, 2012

Baby, You're All That I Want...

I thought i'd share a list of 10 items that I've either recently found, or have been wanting for a while.

1. Round Hologram Sunglasses

2. Underground Cheetah Print Suede Creepers
I've been loving any type of platform shoes, whether it be sandals or sneakers. They ran out of my size for this particular style,  so I'm just waiting until they re-stock then I can get my hands on these!

2. 'HAVE A NICE DAY' Leather Bag
This 'shopping bag' would be a fun piece to have in my opinion. It also comes in black, which I love. The only down side is that the writing is also black, making it difficult to make out the words..

 3. UNIF Hellbound Platforms!
As soon as I saw these platforms, I instantly wanted them! They have a chunky 6" heel and a 3" platform and come with off white, black and ombre rainbow laces. 

4. LUSH 'It Started With A Kiss' Lip Tint
I've been addicted to LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics recently and have purchased their hair, skin and lip products. I can never just walk past a LUSH store. without actually going inside - it smells amazing in there! Lip tints are a great alternative to wearing lipstick to add colour to your lips. I think i'll be trying this one out very soon.

 5. Fashionology Handmade Bangles & Earrings

6. Kevin Murphy Color Bug Hair Shadow
This allows you to have coloured hair without the hair dye! You can put on as much of the hair shadow on as you want to have a strong vibrant colour, or use a smaller amount to achieve pastel shades. This is great for people that only want a temporary change or are afraid of permanently colouring their hair. I wish they came in more colours, but if I do come across these, i'd go straight for the purple. 

7. Faux Fur Coat - 
It's only summer time here in Australia, but I've been searching for the perfect leopard print faux fur coat for winter! I did buy a vintage grey faux fur jacket from a market stall at the beginning of last year, but I feel as if the shape of it is somewhat distorted..

8. Supreme Velvet Polkadot Cap
I'm not one of those that would usually wear a cap, but if I got one of these, I'd wear it as much as possible since I have a thing for anything velvet. The only thing that i'd have trouble with, is choosing which colour to buy!

9. Desert Rose Fringe Jacket 

10. Gold Digital Casio Watch
I think it's time for me to actually start wearing a watch and stop relying on my phone..

- tashbianca. xo

*I do not own or take credit for any of the photos shown above.

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